How to Order Flowers from Flower Delivery Shop in Dubai

Whether you have never ordered flowers online or from a shop before or if you often order flowers for special occasions, there are certain questions that can help you get the freshest flowers and the best service from your florist every time you do buy flowers from a flower delivery shop in Dubai.

Ask about their flower delivery service

Before when you had to buy flowers, you had to go personally to the flower shop and pick up your order. So that would take several hours of your time for that day considering you had to make the order, talk to the florist, discuss the types of flowers you want, and then ask when you can get the bouquet. After that, you had to go to the shop and spend a few more monutes commuting. But today, you can actually cut the time by simply asking if the flower shop offers flower delivery service. You can have the flowers delivered on the same day when you order online or the day after directly to your home or address where you want the flowers to be delivered. Get your flowers delivered when you purchase from Mercury Flowers Website.

Ask about their previous works

Before choosing a flower shop to buy your flowers from, it is best to ask them about their previous works as florists especially if you are looking to order flowers for a special occasion like a wedding or big event such as a company or corporate event. Ordering flowers from a shop that has already provided their services to big projects and have proven that they can deliver on time is one of the best ways to choose a flower shop where you will eventually order flowers from. Also, if you are ordering flowers for a big event, you are paying big bucks so make sure you are giving your money to the right florist.

Ask about their other branches

It is always better to order products or get services from stores that are near your area or the area where you need the service or product. So the same goes for buying flowers. If you have a flower shop in mind that you want to order flowers from but know that their shop is somewhere far, then you can always call them up or check their website if they have other branches that might be near your location. When you order flowers from their nearest shop, it does not only guarantee that they can deliver the flowers faster but also increase your chances of getting fresh flowers that are not limp from a long commute on the road.


These are just some tips on how you can order flowers from a flower delivery shop in Dubai. Remember to order your flowers in advance before your event so that you can make sure your florist can have the order delivered to you on time or else you might be charged for extra fees for expedited deliveries. To get more ideas, watch the video below:

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